Military Family Counseling

Military Family Counseling & Therapy

Rebekah Clark, LPC, RPT provides Military Family Counseling in Prattville, Alabama. (334) 356-0381

As a Military Family Counselor, Rebekah has worked with all branches of service across the state of Alabama.

Rebekah has concluded, “these are some of the most resilient families I have ever had the pleasure of meeting”.

These are military families who are going through their 6th, 7th and even their 8th deployment.

Service Members & Emotional Challenges

Service Members and their families are vulnerable to many emotional and behavioral issues, including mental disorders, substance abuse problems and strained relationships.

They are often in need of coping skills and strategies to help them stay on course.

How does one leave their family for 9 months to a year, live in a war zone, come home, reunite with loved ones and then go do it again?

Military Families & Coping Skills

Rebekah Clark recommends you start practicing the following steps NOW:

  1. Follow Through on Your Word
  2. Build a Support Network
  3. Know Your Community Resources
  4. Understand It’s Okay to Reach Out for Help

Following these steps develops coping skills that lead to Family Resilience. Read Rebekah’s detailed article about Family Resilience.

Learn more about Resilience in Military Families.