Play Therapy

Child Therapist

Rebekah Clark is a Registered Play Therapist (RPT) providing counseling services in Prattville, Alabama. (334) 356-0381

How Does Play Therapy Work?

Therapeutic play, also referred to as “Play Therapy”, provides age appropriate means of expression and communication for children suffering from various emotional challenges.

Play offers an emotionally troubled child the opportunity to express themselves in a nurturing, stimulating environment at their own pace. The level of involvement on the part of the Play Therapist can be non-directive (non-intrusive) or directive (guided).

This provides additional assurance that the child will be understood and accepted.

Because a child’s language development lags behind their cognitive development, children communicate awareness of their world view using play and play therapy tools.

Play therapy provides children a mean to communicate as an adult would during a talk therapy session.

Sand Tray Therapy

One of the more popular Play Therapy techniques makes use of Sand Tray (or Sand Play) Therapy. Toys or miniature figures serve as words, and play serves as the language.

A sand-filled tray is provided for the child during a session, allowing them to arranges figures and objects using their playful imagination. Opportunities for meaningful insights and awareness are often discovered by the child, and reinforced by qualified Play Therapist practitioners.

Sand Tray Therapy is very effective at fostering self-discovery and healing. Rebekah has found that Sand Play is a very effective tool for the treatment of childhood trauma and PTSD.

Registered Play Therapist

A Registered Play Therapist (RPT) is a Mental Health Professional who has satisfied the criteria required to be credentialed.

Once RPT status is attained, practitioners are better equipped to apply the fundamentals of play and play therapy, providing children and adolescents a more effective method of expressing themselves.

Rebekah Clark is a member of both the National and Alabama (State Branch) of the Association for Play Therapy.

Therapy Pets

Rebekah has seen the significant difference Therapy Pets have made in her practice.

Her four-legged therapists are named “Fidget” and “Onyx” and they will greet you at the door. They are very spoiled, and love to climb in purses and get into the bathroom to shred the toilet paper.

Her Therapy Cats are beneficial not only for children and play, but also provide a relaxing environment for adults as well.

People are nervous when they come in for the first time, both children and adults, and the cats offer more of a home environment to help you relax.

Note: If you have allergies, the cats always enjoy going to the other room and taking a nap. 🙂

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