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Mental Health Counseling
Clark Counseling Services is a private counseling & therapy practice in Prattville, Alabama. Rebekah Clark, LPC, RPT (334) 356-0381

My Mission & Commitment to You

Provide a supportive environment for healing through personal growth and understanding of self.” ~ Rebekah Clark

Welcome! My name is Rebekah Clark.

When working with you, my goal is to help you navigate through your fears and anxieties.

In pursuit of your positive behavioral changes and mental wellness, it’s important to me that I provide therapeutic interventions that are tailored to your specific needs…

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Emotional & Behavioral Therapies

Rebekah Clark provides a range of emotional and behavioral therapeutic interventions for children, adults and families.

Her education and training has led to a diverse mix of counseling therapies and techniques, including Play Therapy for children and adolescents, and a focus on the Emotional Health needs of our Military Service Members and their families.

She is also one of the few counselors in Alabama to make use of Therapy Cats for their calming effects on her clients.¹

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¹Don’t worry, if you have allergies or an aversion to cats, they enjoy the break and love to catch up on their sleep. 🙂


Clark Counseling Services in Prattville AL is a member of the Prattville Area Chamber of Commerce

Clark Counseling Services is a proud member of the Prattville Area Chamber of Commerce.

Rebekah Clark specializes in several treatment modalities covering a wide range of emotional and behavioral issues.
Specialty Services
Play Therapy
Military Family Counseling
Consulting, Workshops & Speaking
Treatment Orientation
Family Counseling
Marriage Counseling
Child Counseling
Grief / Bereavement Counseling
Parenting Skills Training
Workshop Facilitator
Keynote Speaker
Court Testimony
Behavior Problems
Oppositional Behaviors
Childhood Trauma or Abuse
Anger Management
Emotional Concerns
Mental Health
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