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Animal Therapy


Human-Animal Interaction

Clark Counseling is one of the few counseling services in Alabama to make use of Therapy Cats for emotional support and comfort.

During a therapy session, clients have the option to interact with Fidget or Onyx (pictured above) for their calming effects.

If you are allergic or have an aversion to cats, we’ll send them to their private quarters. Don’t worry, they enjoy the break and love to catch up on their sleep.


Animal-Assisted Therapy

Rebekah has seen the significant difference Therapy Pets have made in her practice.

Her four-legged therapists are named “Fidget” and “Onyx” and they will greet you at the door. They are very spoiled, and love to climb in purses and get into the bathroom to shred the toilet paper.

Her Therapy Cats are beneficial not only for children and play, but also provide a relaxing environment for adults as well.

People are nervous when they come in for the first time, both children and adults, and the cats offer more of a home environment to help you relax.

Note: If you have allergies, the cats always enjoy going to the other room and taking a nap.

Children & Adolescent

Does your emotionally troubled child need opportunity to express themselves in a nurturing, stimulating environment at their own pace?

Anxiety | Depression

Struggling with what seems like a mountain of anxiousness or depression, we are here to help!


We help first responders dealing with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) to understand and cope with their experiences.

"Rebekah is the best counselor I have seen, and I’ve seen quite a few throughout the course of my life. Her presence is so calming and she is so easygoing. I highly recommend her to anyone who has ever seeked counseling."

Amanda H.

"I have been seeing Rebekah for almost 3 years now and with her help, I have overcome some tremendous struggles. She has been patient and insightful, always knowing what questions to ask to make me realize the very things I need to realize. She is very professional and always punctual. Over the years there has only been one time she has had to cancel, and that was due to another patient of hers having a medical emergency. She needed to be with them. I believe in her so much that I have referred several friends to her and all have had nothing but great things to say. Another bonus is she accepts insurance!"

Macie M.

"I highly recommend Rebekah Clark for counseling services. My wife Eileen and I were going through a rough patch recently and she served as an understanding and compassionate mediator who listened to both of us and helped us solve some serious problems we were facing that threatened to end our marriage of 5 years. We had never been to counseling before and frankly we were a little intimidated to ask for help. Rebekah Clark made the whole experience go smoothly. You could tell she really cared about helping us and had lots of ideas and suggestions for how we could work things out. Eileen and I just got back from a long overdue second honeymoon and things between us are better than ever!"

Brannon B.

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